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I’ve setup a blog to track my movements in Asia and beyond. It’s overdue. I’ve been living in Cheongju, South Korea for some time now, and while I’ve been wittily jotting down my experiences in a composition notebook regularly, I’ve been irresponsible in making these insights public. After all, I have obligations to my friends and family back home. Because I am so important. I hope that anyone who visits my blog isn’t disappointed; and if they are, I hope they keep it to themselves.

To read all of my dribble, please see the column directly to the right, and click on the link for my “Dutiful Postings” page. “Inane Observations” are good for digesting during short meals in front of the computer.



  Jared wrote @

That is cool! You should get an external GPS tracker like a Locosys BGT-31 and carry it around with you when you take pictures, then you can use software like Locr and google maps and then we can see where the pic was taken. 🙂

  dreainquestion wrote @

Good call! Then the CIA will have NO problem finding my outbuildings… geez, Jared. Nice super-fly goggles, btw.

  Jared wrote @

bah humbug!

  Andrea wrote @

Newsflash to Jared: It’s not Christmas 😉

  Jared wrote @

What is Christmas?

  Dawn wrote @

So, your major is Professional Writing, correct? Out of practice??? Seriously, the pics are amazing. Keep them coming, please. And write some professional sounding dribble when you get a chance 🙂

  dreainquestion wrote @

Dually noted, dear Dawn! I’ll get right on that~

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