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As I have neglected my journalings over the last couple of weeks, I’m scrambling to catch-up. But in my defense, it’s been a hell of a couple weeks. Here I sit in my Japanese hotel room – at “Central hotel Fuokoka”; anyone see what’s wrong with that title? “Hotel” is not Capitalized! Ah! The propaganda is everywhere and it haunts me.

But on to more important matters. Japan is fabulous. It’s clean, quiet, modern and the people tend to stare a bit less; whether that’s their tolerance for foreigners or a sign of their culture (the latter I’m thinking), it’s refreshing. As promised by my other foreign friends, I’m loving it here.

Let me count the ways I am enjoying Japan: 1. their outlets are the same as in America, which has allowed me to plug in my iPod dock; 2. they are obsessed with burgers and beer and make both decidedly better than the Koreans – oh, and they really like Barack Obama; 3. I will re-state – it’s literally spotlessly clean and eerily quiet. In a city of more than a million people, you hardly hear a car horn; 4. the flora and buildings are gorgeous and wonderfully modern; and 5. most importantly, they show AMERICAN BASEBALL on TV! I’ve noticed it seems to be only the MLB games that feature a Japanese player, but so what? You can’t fault their national pride. Oh, and as a side note, many more people speak English here. Who could ask for more? Not me.

It’s no wonder the country is unbearably expensive to live in. Hey, isn’t their economy floating on a sea of debt? Hey… doesn’t that sound a little too familiar?


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