Expat Dribble

Andrea Avery Jackley: An expat with lots of dribble to write about.


Today I noticed that the pseudo-marble tiling in my bathroom, which is stained a pinkish-cream color with swirling shadows, has exactly the same imprint on each one – in which I can see nothing but an angry rabbit. Or a big nose with cloudy spectacles sitting on top of it.  I hope I don’t have to do any psychological testing soon.

I’m in a bit of a writing slump right now, which is causing me to be irritated with myself. I stare at my laptop’s screen for literally minutes at a time in futile attempts to be creative, only to gravitate toward @$%#!*^ Facebook or my Gmail account. Now I’m infuriated. Can you block yourself from these sites?

In case I haven’t mentioned it to you, I’m attempting to write a fictional novel while in Korea, amidst my teaching and other scrappy writings. I got off to a blazing start, refining my theme and subthemes, drawing up a full story board, writing a quick six pages (Word-sized) and even getting plenty of criticism and insight from my pal at work. And then… it all just stopped. I find myself pondering ridiculous things, such as characters’ names, and then being unable to muster even a couple sentences out of mental exhaustion. Apparently writing snarky social-networking site updates that a lot of people don’t understand, or doing the same thing in my notebook that only I read, is far more fulfilling.


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