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This past weekend I headed down to Geojedo Island for a weekend of fun in the sun… or, as it turns out, fun indoors sheltering ourselves from the rain and overwhelming humidity. Nonetheless, the scenery was fantastic and the company good. 

A couple of highlights include a Korean block party complete with BBQ marbled beef and soju, meeting a Korean comedy TV star at the jazz bar, playing cards with people in Costa Rica via Skype (NO, not Uighers!), a South African pal with a helluva view, and our new Uzbekistani friends – who didn’t speak English and communicated with us in their, and our, sparse Korean. They taught us how to say “cheers!” in Uzbek, “de-vai-tay!”; and one of them proposed while humming an exceptionally off-tune version of the wedding march. Months in Korea: 3. Proposals: 3. 

It’s a phenomena I am now referring to as “white power” (facetiously, of course).  

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend, and it gave me what I’ve been craving out of Asia: aesthetic beauty. The mountains and the water surrounding Geoje were hypnotizing; and I couldn’t have been happier on the bus ride home, listening to Bach and Vivaldi while watching the amazing scenery pass me by. Cloud draped, tree-covered mountains, perfectly designed rice paddies, lush countryside and  exquisite Asian architecture speckled amongst the flora.

Updated pictures now available on Facebook and Flickr. 

Back to reality, it’s been an eventfully pleasing week thus far. A breeze has cooled down Cheongju for the time being, the haegwon has been slightly more peaceful while the middle school students are on hiatus, preparing for their school exams, I received a fun box from my father full of Twins paraphernalia, and, most importantly: AL FRANKEN IS MINNESOTA’S NEW SENATOR! Sweet, sweet concessions from Norm Coleman capped my happiness today. 

Finally, the used bike I had purchased last week for an affordable W60,000 (roughly $50) was stolen last Friday, much to my dismay. My lovely white-and-rust covered beast wasn’t completely undesirable, but I was a little shocked that she was chosen over the many newer, shinier models readily available in my apartment building’s entryway. 

I am slightly suspicious of the young boy I ran over the first day I bought her, but I have no way to prove it. 

This headline from the Korea Herald made my day, yesterday: Kim Jong Il starts wearing sneakers.



  rudolma wrote @

why wouldn’t he wear sneakers??? they’re very comfortable.

  7.14.09 « Expat Dribble wrote @

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