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In anticipation of the President’s address on health care, in which we are being told to expect everything from his decisiveness on the inclusion of the public option to actual cost-saving measures, I have to express myself a bit:

Unfortunately, the dimwitted cries of the Glen Becks of the United States are heard around the world. At least by me. You have to listen a little harder to hear the deranged yelpings of people such as “divine” Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (God tells her husband, who then tells her what to do and say) or ex-McCain political arm candy and current FOX “news” star Sarah Palin. But they’re audible.

And I’m not sure what’s worse: the purely politically motivated rabble-rowsing by these boobs (I won’t Ever apologize for the use of this word when it comes to people like those aforementioned), which has the potential to become dangerous – as we’ve seen with the emergence of Automatic Weapons at what should be peaceful rallies; or the media’s depiction of the bickering going on in the so-called “town hall” meetings while almost universally ignoring the rational discussion being engaged in by what I – clinging desperately, bloodily even, to my idealistic view – still believe is the mostly centrist American public.

That said, I will be deeply disappointed in the political will of our President, and the backbone of the Democratic Party, if he doesn’t give adamant support for a public option in the proposed future of America’s health care scheme. It will give me pause in my years to come, whether it be in the voting booth or simply remembering his legacy, if this opportunity is allowed to be whittled down in the face of nonsensical blathering, corporate money, and even empirical wishes. For all her faults, excessive eyelid blinking high on the list, Nancy Pelosi has this one right. No more compromise. The American people have been doing that for far too long.

I’ve seen my own family ravaged by the devils behind privatized health insurance, physically as well as monetarily. As a child, my own health care was put on a shelf, being part of one of millions of American families living in the Greatest Country on Earth without proper health insurance. This time it’s personal.


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